An Ode to the Desk Job

I was one of those kids. I had a “crazy imagination” and told stories of far away places, of waterfalls and wild rivers. In hindsight, I can understand why my declarations such as ‘’my dad had pet wolves when he was little’’ received a little bit of skepticism. I was one of those kids who believed that adventure seekers and outdoor lovers were a specific, high calibre of people, and I judged everyone who wasn’t.

I was one of those kids who vowed that I would absolutely, never-ever, under no circumstances, work in an office.

I worked as a ski instructor for five years, I teach canoeing, and I spent one summer working for a school that takes place entirely outdoors. When fall comes around though, I find myself looking for a job that has reasonably flexible hours, and will leave me with enough energy to continue paddling. The poison first came in the form of a receptionist job at our local community centre. Indoors and at a desk, the horror! As it turns out, I really enjoy my time there. I get to chat with local community members, an aspect that really appeals to my personable side. I work with a team of highly-motivated people who are passionate about their job and excel at what they do. I realized that adventure and the outdoors aren’t the only passions that exist, and that having the courage and determination to follow your passion is impressive and respectable – regardless of what that passion may be.

My desk job opened my eyes to the quality people that are everywhere – as long as you take the time to recognize them. My desk job taught me that it doesn’t matter how people choose to spend their time. It matters that they don’t mind looking the other way every now and then, when you show up to your desk job with a sunburn, messy hair and a distinct perfume reeking of campfire smoke.

Two years later, and every fall I find myself back at that desk. Telling stories of far away places,  dreaming of waterfalls and wild rivers.

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